According to the LAW ON ELECTRONIC TRADE of Montenegro ('Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro', No. 80/04), purchases through our sales website are considered distance selling. In addition to this Law, online sales are regulated by the Code of Conduct for the Sale of Goods and Provision of Services on the Internet Market of Montenegro (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro No. 31/16).
The Code of Conduct for the Sale of Goods and Provision of Services on the Internet Market of Montenegro establishes the right of a buyer, who is considered a consumer (a natural person who buys a product to meet his individual needs and not to perform professional activities), to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days. days from the day the product was delivered to him. When withdrawing, the buyer can, but does not have to, state the reasons for withdrawing.

Contact us via our e-mail address to initiate the return of goods and / or funds. After that, you need to also send a statement of withdrawal by e-mail, which contains the order number, the code of the item to be returned, and if a refund is made, and the account number to which the refund will be made. The statement of withdrawal from the contract has legal effect from the day it is sent to the trader by e-mail.
In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer is entitled to a refund or exchange for another product. Refunds are returned to the customer upon receipt of the product, and after it is determined that the product is undamaged and correct.

The buyer is obliged to return the product without delay, and no later than within 7 working days from the day when he sent the withdrawal form. After the expiration of 7 working days from the day he sent the withdrawal, the product can no longer be returned.
When returning the goods, it is obligatory to return the goods in a correct and unused condition and in the original undamaged packaging, whereby the original invoice must be attached.
Upon receipt of the product, it will be determined whether the product is correct and undamaged. The buyer is liable for defects or damage to the product resulting from inadequate handling of the product, ie the buyer is solely responsible for the impaired value of the product resulting from handling the goods in a way that is not adequate, ie exceeds what is necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and functionality.

Your questions regarding this Privacy Policy, confidentiality of your personal data, processing methods or your requests regarding the exercise of the right to personal data will be answered by the responsible person and / or data protection officer at Monargo doo - UrbaOne at
If it is determined that a defect or damage to the product has occurred through the fault of the buyer, the refund in the amount paid by the buyer for the returned item will be deducted and the product will be returned to him at his expense.
The trader is obliged to return to the consumer without delay the amount paid by the consumer under the contract, and no later than within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the statement of withdrawal, and after receipt of the product.